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We follow a professional, caring and proactive approach in serving our clients. During our initial consultation, we will obtain pertinent information and listen to your needs. Afterwards, we will determine the best option and formulate an action plan. We promise to give you up-to-date, reliable and honest immigration advice. Lastly, we will take the time to explain the process and answer your questions so that you will be involved in shaping your new life in Canada. 

Pujante Immigration Services Canada

​​​​​​​We provide assistance and representation on a variety of immigration issues including:

> Express Entry

CIC's new application system for economic immigrants

> Family Sponsorships

Sponsorship of spouses, children, parents and other relatives to become permanent residents of Canada

> Caregiver Program 

Work permits and 2 pathways to permanent residency

> Labour Market Impact Assessment(LMIA)

Most employers need to obtain a positive LMIA before hiring a foreign worker

> Temporary Foreign Work Permits

Work in Canada

> Student Visas

Study in Canada while being able to work at the same time.

> Visitor Visas

See the beautiful country of Canada or visit your family and friends